Top 10 odd holiday bacon gift ideas

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 02:30 hrs

Washington, Nov 30 (IANS/RIA Novosti) With the holiday season practically upon us, US entrepreneurs are hawking a range of bacon-inspired products for use in everything from shaving to decorative jewellery that are sure to bring a smile.

Here are 10 of the oddest bacon products we found on the market this holiday gift-giving season:

Bacon toothpaste: Who wouldn't want to brush their pearly whites with delicious bacon flavored toothpaste? Bacon lovers can improve their dental hygiene during the holidays with this unique product selling for just under $5 per tube.

Bacon-flavored Candy Cane: "Bacon tastes so much better than peppermint," is the straightforward pitch from a company selling a set of six bacon-flavored candy canes. This product is sure to bring any meat lover more cheer this holiday season and sells for $11.50.

Bacon cake frosting: Are you a baker looking to add some extra flare to your desserts? Well, bacon frosting may be just the ingredient you need. For only $3.75 it will alter the taste of any holiday pastry project.

Bacon dog bubbles: Who says bacon enjoyment is only for people? Now for around $7 pet owners can purchase Bubbletastic bacon-scented dog bubbles - a no-brainer dream toy for any canine pet.

Bacon shaving cream: This practical product promises to provide the alluring scent of cured pork on smooth faces: bacon-scented shaving cream. It sells for $14.99.

Bacon lip balm: Now you can keep the taste of bacon on your lips all day thanks to bacon lip balm. The product sells for $3.49 per tube and comes with a warning for customers not to mistake their bacon-scented lips for actual bacon.

Bacon soap: The company that sells this bacon soap says it was developed by real "bacon scientists." The product, which sells for $5.95, is "the wave of the future," according to the firm's website.

Bacon cologne and perfume: This cologne and perfume will envelope users in a subtle aroma of bacon. But the meat-scented fragrance has also been crafted with a pure essential oil blend of orange, lime, grapefruit and other flavors sure to enhance your animal magnetism. Cost: $36.

Bacon candy necklace: "This product proves once and for all that bacon is truly a girl's best friend," according to the company hawking this bacon-flavored sugar necklace. There is also a bacon medallion that dangles from the necklace, which retails for $4.49.

Bacon-covered chocolates: What cheerier way to celebrate the holidays than with a box of hickory-smoked fried bacon smothered in creamy chocolate? The producers of this porcine holiday delight promise "a taste sensation like nothing else you've ever had before," for a cost of $12.95 for a seven-piece box.

--IANS/RIA Novosti


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