Twitter users react to news of two Indian soldiers being brutally killed by Pak troops

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 08, 2013 17:56 hrs

Kanchan Gupta ‏@KanchanGupta

One Indian soldier beheaded. The other's body mutilated. By Pakistani soldiers. And Pakistan says it did not torture Saurabh Kalia.

In another tweet, Kanchan wrote: "Pakistan affairs directly handled by Manmohan Singh. Nation should demand a response from him. That he'll not respond is another matter."

Sudarshan Kumar ‏@sudarshankr

Now, I realise why was Bal Thakeray always against having any cricket series with Pakistan...

In another tweet, Sudarshan wrote: "Scrap all ties with Pakistan...even cricket series...they don't deserve any kind of support..."

The UnReal Times ‏@TheUnRealTimes

Pakistan: We have an army... India: We have an Arnab

Dr. McNinja ‏@nelsonnium

Even Pakistan doesn't want India to talk about rape. Or are protesting that final Man of the Match award.

Abhijit Majumder ‏@abhijitmajumder

Indian soldiers' throats slit on Indian side of LoC. That's the aman ki bhasha Pakistan army speaks

Prakash Sharma ‏@Prakash_Sharma

India behaves like that one sided lover/stalker, out to woo Pakistan at all costs


Dear PM! Sleep well. After all we (Bharat & Pakistan) have same roots.

Ravinder Malik ‏@3idiots

Indian govt is encouraging Pakistan to attack n kill Indian army by easing visa process and inviting them...

Anshuman Kumar ‏@AnshumanSunny

Sunday Pakistan claims of Indian troops crossing LoC day opposite happens with two of our Soldiers dying.

Ankur Srivastava ‏@vinisachin

Pakistan are consistent as ever with their record. Each historical visit/summit/dialogue followed by an attack. This after Indo-Pak series

Anuj Berry ‏@berryanuj

1.Stop cricketing ties. 2. Drop MFN status 3. Curtail visa policy. This country doesn't deserve good relations. #Pakistan #India

Akhilesh ‏@snakhilsemwal

"Arnab Goswami has shown more passion than our beloved PM in his 8 years in office #LoC #Pakistan"

Mayank Sangani ‏@ZippiE321

@abdullah_omar its high time think about our jawans and for dem take actions....Pakistan is a nuisance the sooner we realise the better

Sam ‏@TheJadedQueen

I think there is more to this than just India & Pakistan... Why an attempt to derail peace now!? Who stands to gain the most? Hmmmm

Aditya ‏@iNfAmOuSAddy

"@ScorpiusMaximus: @subodh1945 @rsyashasvi The Pakistani elite would be jobless if there wud really be peace between India and Pakistan."

Vinay S ‏@yesvinay

The dialogue process with Pakistan has to be one among the biggest joke played over and over again. #Disgusting #RIP to two brave soldiers

Prakash Sharma ‏@Prakash_Sharma

Your conventional wisdom doesn't work when you are dealing with a failed state called Pakistan

DNR ‏@HighOnFloyd

Remember Modi's words again. "We should answer Pakistan in the language they understand ".

Suchindranath Aiyer ‏@Suchindranath

India seems constantly frightened of Pakistan's nuclear capabilities. But Pakistan acts as thoough it knows that India has none? @BDUTT

Narayanan ‏@visaraj

All those who talk of uninterrupted dialogue with Pakistan should be sent to forwards Post & should be asked to man the borders.

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