Twitter users should strategize their tweets to attract more followers: Study

Last Updated: Fri, May 03, 2013 11:00 hrs

Twitter users need to strategize their tweets to attract more followers, a new research has revealed.

The study focussed on tactics such as not taking about oneself, being happy, using less of symbols as measures that can help enhance twitter follower figures.

The assistant professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing Eric Gilbert has found that 41 percent twitter users talk about themselves, which draws followers away.

Twitter, according to Gilbert does not encourage posts on bad health, unemployment and the likes as people online are rarely interested in the user's offline activities.

The university researchers have also discovered that higher a Twitter user's 'hashtag ratio', the less likely they are to attract new followers.

Based on an analysis of 500 tweets, Gilbert has been able to explore the relative effects of social behaviour, message content and network structure and indicate as to which of these factors pose more influence on the number of Twitter followers.

Gilbert and his research team have identified about 2,800 twitter terms conveying positive and negative emotions, and marked each term based on a sliding scale of positivity, thereby determining which terms attracted or lost followers.

Gilbert pointed out that although twitter success is measured by the number of followers, its users hardly know the tactics to grow them but the examination tie formation and dissolution over time on Twitter by the researchers can help technologists to design and build tools enabling users to grow their audiences. (ANI)

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