US Senator Mark Kirk saw angels after suffering stroke

Last Updated: Sat, Jan 05, 2013 08:10 hrs

Republican Senator Mark Kirk has revealed that he saw angels at his hospital bedside.

The Illinois senator, who makes a triumphant return to Capitol Hill one year after a massive stroke, said that the angels asked if he wanted to go with them, to which he declined.

Supported by Vice President Biden and a four-pronged cane, Kirk climbed the steps of the US Capitol on Thursday in a triumphant return to the Senate.

In an interview with the Daily Herald of Illinois this week, Kirk discussed his ongoing recovery and a vision of angels he saw as he was close to death, the New York Daily News reported.

Kirk, 53, suffered a major stroke on the right side of his brain last January that caused partial paralysis on the left side of his body and rendered him blind in one quadrant of his left eye. Doctors said that the stroke did not affect his thought process.

Kirk said that three angels appeared at the foot of his bed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Intensive Care Unit as he emerged from a dream, a side effect of his medication or a near-death experience.

Kirk told the newspaper that the stroke has made him more determined and deepened his faith. (ANI)

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