Wanted adventurous female to bear Neanderthal child

Last Updated: Sun, Jan 20, 2013 06:40 hrs

A US scientist is looking for an "adventurous female" to recreate Neanderthals, our close relatives who went extinct about 33,000 years ago.

Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics George Church wants to genetically engineer humans so they live to the ripe old age of 120 (or even 150), make them immune to viruses and cancer resistant, and he wants to bring back Neanderthals, according to News.com.au.

New research has found that Neanderthals were more like us than previously thought, and may even have interbred with Homo sapiens.

Prof Church has reportedly told German newspaper Der Spiegel that he's gathered their DNA, will work some laboratory magic on it, and could then be ready to recreate one - provided he can find an "adventurous" human surrogate mother. (ANI)

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