Welsh customer shocked after being told 'what is Wales' by call centre worker in India

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 12:40 hrs

76-year old Eve Butler was left befuddled when she had asked to be put through to communication giants British Telecom's (BT) Welsh Language Bureau with a query about her bill, two miles from her home but instead of that she was transferred to India only to be asked by a call centre advisor: "What's Welsh?"

Instead Butler, from Bangor, North Wales, was put through to a call centre 5,500 miles away in India, who wasn't even aware of the language Welsh, the Daily Mail reports.

When the grandmother tried to explain it was the language spoken by herself and around 300,000 other people in Wales, the advisor said: "I can't put you through because I don't know what Wales is."

The call ended shortly afterwards.

Butler, a retired council worker, said she just finds it incredible that she lives in Wales and wants to be put through to a Welsh speaking service, yet she is put thought to someone employed thousands of miles away in India who's never even heard of my home country or the language.

Butler added she speaks fluent Welsh and she is very proud to be Welsh, adding she is very proud of Wales along with many hundreds of thousands of people who speak the language.

Butler further said she find it unbelievable British Telecom workers not only don't have a clue where Wales they don't know what it is.

The incident transpired after Butler called BT to set up a direct debit to pay her phone bill after she accidentally missed a payment.

The firm's Welsh Language Bureau allows customers to BT in their native Welsh but an operator who initially fielded the call said she had not heard of it and promised another advisor would ring Butler back

A BT spokesman said: "BT would like to apologise to Mrs. Butler if our level of service fell below her expectations. She should have been advised of the correct number for the Welsh language Bureau in Bangor and we are sorry this didn't happen on this occasion." (ANI)

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