'Xoxo' latest lingo to express warm regards via SMS!

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 11:00 hrs

'Xoxo', which once used to be a secret sign off between sweethearts, who used to sign love letters with 'x' or 'SWALK' [sealed with a loving kiss], has become general warmth towards the person you are corresponding to.

Today language and the way you communicate is changing when your mum discovers Emojis - you start using full stops to demonstrate anger; and you do more (virtual) kissing and hugging.

According to the Canberra Times, Dr Pauline Bryant, the Australian National University's Visiting Fellow of Language Studies said that a simple 'xo' saves the embarrassment of having to use the word 'love' when you want to be warm towards someone.

Even though the symbol 'x' has been universally acknowledged to represent a kiss since the 1760s, the trademark 'xo' continues to creep into our corporate lives and encroach on what is deemed acceptable social etiquette and professionalism.

The article highlights research that was conducted by Stanford University which tracked the use of 'xo' in social media.

The unsurprising results showed that 'xo' is a female thing. According to a study of Twitter users, 11 percent of women 'xo' in tweets compared to 2.5 percent of male tweeters.

This sappy shift in syntax is only a recent phenomenon - one that appears to be driven predominantly by women in the workplace, according to linguists and business experts, and judging by the amount of "xo's" I exchange with lifestyle brand publicists on a daily basis - I trust the expert opinion on this one.

According to the report, Curtin Business School associate professor Dr Carmela Briguglio suggested that in order to communicate effectively in a world that is becoming increasingly global and multicultural, a general rule of thumb should include 'no kisses for clients or colleagues. Save them for people you know and know very well'. (ANI)

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