Alex Reid admits cross-dressing as a child

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 04, 2013 11:50 hrs

Mixed-martial artist Alex Reid has revealed that he used to cross-dress when he was child.

Reid revealed the shocking secret while being in a 'trance like state,' to a hypnotist which was reported by Now Magazine.

The 38-year-old cage fighter, who was the former husband of Katie Price, said that he used to put on his sister's clothes and underwear, the Mirror reported.

Reid said that he found it exciting to pretend to be someone else and the fact that he knew it was wrong, made it nicer.

He said that his brother once caught him wearing his sister's knickers and announced it over the dinner table, which embarrassed him and he didn't do it till he was 15.

Reid admitted that he used to get aroused by throwing stones at teenagers who were fishing.

He also revealed that fame made him feel "like a prostitute" and that Price used to buy him women's clothes which encouraged him to dress as a woman. (ANI)

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