Americans latest love - the 1,500-calorie 'Craz-E Burger'!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 07, 2009 09:37 hrs

London: Americans are biting into the Craz-E Burger that boasts of 1,500 calories and has doughnuts in place of buns. The bacon cheeseburger is served with buttered, grilled and glazed doughnuts and deep-fried Mars bar.

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But the gigantic calories have not stopped people in Massachusetts from nibbling in for a organisers of the major fair Big E revealed visitors bought nearly 1,000 Craz-E burgers every day during the fair's 17-day run.

"No single ingredient dominates the burger. They all complement each other with artistry expected from a celebrity chef," The Telegraph quoted the fair's website as saying.

It added: "The glaze smooths over the burger and oozes into a foreign but delicious combination with the crisp of the bacon."

The burger was thought to have been the brainchild of a bar owner in Decatur, Georgia, who came up with doughnuts after running out of buns.

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