Amusement park build by Indian army in Kashmir for children

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 10, 2013 11:10 hrs

In an act of humanity, Indian army build an amusement park for the entertainment of the children in Kashmir, as earlier children had no defined place to play.

General commanding officer of victor force, Major General R. R. Nimbhorkar said, "This is a far off place. There is no place for entertainment for children here. When we came here last November there was an incident that a village was burnt and we decided that we should do something for the children. Since then, we had this wish in our heart and accordingly we built a park to entertain the children in this village so that children can play and use their time in leisure."

The park is built in the Pahalgam region in Kashmir.

Students of the area said that playing in the park would help them concentrate on their studies.

A student, Mohsin further elaborated that, "There was no place here for children to play. The children either used to be at home or they used to play on the street. 3RR, the sector has built a park for the children, which is very attractive and we enjoy playing here and now we can exhibit our talent as well and also focus on our studies."

It was on the initiative of the army that the construction of the park was undertaken and it indicated the improvement in the relations between the armed forces and the common people in the far-flung backward area of picturesque Pahalgam town.

Cut off from the mainstream, the inhabitants of this area have a low income and the poor children do not have any source of entertainment.

A large number of children visited the park on its day of inauguration and played their hearts out trying different games in the park.

Due to the unrest clouding the valley, the relations between the army and the Kashmiris are not very cordial.

The people of Kashmir blame national army for the large number of killings and massacre taking place in the valley since last two than two decades.

Union Government imposed draconian law AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) to tackle insurgency in the region, which gives impunity to shoot any person in doubt of being a terrorist, and has been an issue of great unrest in the region.

The objective to build the park is to strengthen the relations between the locals and the army. (ANI)

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