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Ancient Unicorn lair 'discovered' in North Korea

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Sat, Dec 01, 2012 07:20 hrs

Archaeologists in Pyongyang have discovered a unicorn's lair, it has been revealed.

The unicorn was said to have been ridden by the ancient Korean King Tongmyong, founder of a kingdom, which ruled parts of China and the Korean peninsula from the 3rd century BC to 7th century AD.

According to sources, the location happens to be 200 metres from a temple in the North Korean capital.

"A rectangular rock carved with words 'Unicorn Lair' stands in front of the lair," the Guardian quoted a report as saying.

"The carved words are believed to date back to the period of Koryo Kingdom (918-1392)," the report said.

Archaeologists from the Academy of Social Sciences at North Korea's History Institute were credited with making the discovery. (ANI)

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