Anti-nuke protesters seek Mamata support

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 05, 2012 03:06 hrs

Kudankulam: The anti nuclear project activists of Kundankulum in Tamil Nadu want West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to support their movement.

On Wednesday in a letter to the Chief Minister they requested her to visit Idinthakarai and support their struggle.

The activists wrote: "To save the 'ordinary citizens' of our country and to safeguard their survival, well being and freedom, the country needs the intervention of thoughtful, caring and creative leaders such as yourself."

"May we request you to visit us at Idinthakarai, support our struggle, and help our country envision a people-friendly, Nature-friendly, and Future-friendly energy policy and design alternative energy programs and projects that protect our peoples' rights to life and livelihood, and safeguard the interest of our youth and children please."

The activists quoted Mamata who had said "I will go everywhere in India to protect the Indian business, the farmers, the labourers and the people of India.

"Everything has a laxman rekha (limit), and when it is crossed, I must work for the 'aam aadmi' (common man)."

The anti-nuke activists stated, "We welcome your recent statement and earnestly hope that you would visit us and support our struggle."

The activists stated, "We write to express our heartfelt congratulations to you on your taking a pro-people stand on several national issues and to welcome you to our place here in Tamil Nadu."

"After all, you are the only leader who has taken a bold and courageous stand against the Haripur nuclear project in Purba Medhinipur district in West Bengal."

"You have also fought so valiantly for the common people of India at Nandigram and Singur; and people all over India are thankful for your stand against FDI in retail sector."

Talking about the nuclear deal the activists said, "As the present central government of India signs indiscriminate nuclear deals with the United States, Russia, France and scores of other countries, the people of these countries gain employment, their MNCs reap huge profits and their fledgling economies get strengthened."

The added, "Indian fishermen, farmers, Dalit workers and other deprived sections of our country get affected in all kinds of ways: loss of livelihood, loss of natural resources, loss of food security, loss of nutrition, diseases, debt, insecurities, vulnerabilities and so forth."

They wrote, "As you know, our country's nuclear performance has been quite dismal, insignificant and wasteful. Even after spending so much money, resources, time and national energies for the past 63 years, they produce hardly 2.5% electricity and done little for the betterment of our people."

"With increased allotment of resources and strategic importance, the nuclear department meddles in national politics. Invigorating this nuclear department further will lead only to slavery and not salvation."

Concluding they wrote to Mamata, "Looking forward to hearing from you, we send you our best personal regards and all peaceful wishes."

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