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You child-killers are not martyrs

2014-12-19 09:55:59

Tell yourselves what you will, all of you who attack children, you who kill them as they huddle in their classrooms, as they get on a school bus, as they play football on the beach, as they attend family weddings.Tell yourselves you are fighting for a god, for a country, for a cause. Tell yourselves you are martyrs. But know that you are the only ones saying it.Because the real martyrs are the people ...
9.20 am:Anti-terror raids conducted in SydneyAustralian counter-terrorism police confirmed Friday they raided five Sydney homes Thursday which were linked to a man's alleged plot to execute a random member of the public in Martin Place in the city's central business district.While Martin Place was the same location as this week's siege, the two events were not connected, police told the Australian ...
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