Ask Rahul. Anything.

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 31, 2014 04:04 hrs

Who killed Mahatma Gandhi? Feed the question into a prompt on the newly created website that invites you to "Ask Rahul Anything" and you'll get a range of anodyne non-answers.

One sampler: "What Rahul Gandhi wants to do, is Rahul Gandhi and millions of youngsters in this country want, to change the way the system in this country works. What Rahul Gandhi wants to do is empower the women in this country, wants to unleash the power of these women, I mean we talk about being a superpower."

Ask the same question and the next answer could be: "The fundamental question is this, are we going to open up the system? Are we going to close the system?"

In fact, key in any question and you'll get a set of stock answers. If they sound familiar that's because they're culled from the Congress vice-president's interview with Times Now in which Gandhi doggedly stuck to pre-selected talking points no matter what Arnab Goswami asked him.

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