Assam’s ‘Gully Boy’ enraptures people through his extraordinary rap

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 21, 2019 20:45 hrs

[India] 21 Feb (ANI): Music has the power to express ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and colour.

One such music sensation from Assam is Rahul Rajkhowa who is grabbing headlines for his exceptionally composed rap music. This talented artiste has inspired millions of youths and has made people aware of various issues affecting the society through his unique rap songs.

The young lad started using music to reach out to people through rap songs to make them socially aware and bring positive vibes.

Speaking to ANI, Rahul Rajkhowa said, “I started protesting through my rap music when I was in JNU, as lot of people were unaware of what was happening inside JNU because it was easy to brand JNU as completely a communist campus. So, I decided if I use my music and reach out to my people through rap songs, I will be able to educate them”.

“If I go out to participate in the protests and write articles, I will be able to reach the small amount of people who are involved and who know about this but what about the third population who are completely unaware. If I can give it to them in the form of socially consciousness music then it gives them something to think upon because they look back and say ’oh it is a catchy song but what is he trying to say’. People should not focus on whether my rap standard is good or bad, the main idea is to educate you”, he further added.

It was in the year 2013 that he started evolving as a musician professionally. Later, when he moved to Delhi for college, he started playing with his seniors at St. Stephen’s College, and soon he put together his own band ‘Paperboat’ during his final year.

As the whole northeast is deliberating over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, this young artiste has written a powerful song to protest against the bill that went viral in the country.

When asked about if he has faced any criticisms for his rap, Rahul commented,” I am just a concerned citizen and as democratic citizens of this country we will criticise whoever is in power because that is why its democracy otherwise we are as good as monarchy”.

Rahul told to ANI, “I could make a video on my cell phone and reach out to such a broad audience. This message is being shared all across the globe. So what I want to tell people that there is so much power in your hands, if you use it in the right way you can reach out to so many people”.

Rahul is perhaps on his way to revolutionise the rap music scene and change people’s perception about rap and hip hop music in India.

“It is uncanny root choosing rap music because time and again music has always been used to make people aware. Leave aside whatever has happened before but music has always been a popular medium to make more and more people aware. Even in countries like UK and U.S, there were bands like Beatles and famous artiste like John Lennon, he wrote the song ‘Imagine’ after the cold war. Bob Marley is a great musician who always sang about peace, talking about how many more people will die in the hands of white brutality, I am doing the same thing here using music”, said rapper Rajkhowa.

The young artiste is also a songwriter, actor and activist. Growing up, Rahul was always environmentally conscious and aware of the social issues. This made him write rap songs on effects of floods in Assam and other important issues that soon grabbed nationwide attention.

“I have spoken against rape jokes, sexual harassment in my music, religious violence, mob violence. I have tried to bring attention on the flood situation in Assam, we travel to the parts of Assam which were hit hardest by flood and spread some awareness. I have also done a song on preserving the pristine beauty of Northeast”. Rahul added.

Rappers like Rahul can not only be a definitive guide to young rappers in India but also help inspire and make people aware on social issues through rap music. (ANI)