Aviation enthusiasts show off last aircraft models in Chennai

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 24, 2012 07:13 hrs

Aviation enthusiasts are taking part in an exhibition of detailed model aircraft, and this has attracted people from all walks of life.

Aviation enthusiasts gathered in an airfield with the models capable of flight, many of them sporting 50 cc internal combustion engines.

Visitors looked on as the miniature planes and helicopters took to the skies, their controllers expertly maneuvering them into doing daredevil stunts.

One of the organisers of the event, K. V. Chari, said: "We would like people to develop into good scientists and makers of aircraft. This is the third (exhibition) that we are doing. We have had a lot of people who have come in, and the idea primarily is to inculcate a technical bent of mind. We want children not to look at these things as just something they go on to office (to make). This is creation. When you see something like this fly, it brings out the child in you."

Participants at the event interacted with the visitors, defusing many myths about what they said was an engaging hobby.

"This is a very nice hobby. People think it is very expensive, (but) it is not. Anybody can start at the low level, and the sky is the limit, you can do aero modelling. You can start as low as 2,000-3,000 rupees to even 5 lakhs-20 lakh rupees. There is no limit," said aviation enthusiast Alexander George.

Jet model aircraft evolved after the invention of the miniature jet engine-about the size of a large soft drink bottle-in the mid-1990s in Germany.

Models require many hours of fine tuning. Competitive flyers are judged on aerobatic skills and the accuracy of their models.

For true enthusiasts, the ultimate aim is to recreate the performance of a real jet aircraft, although hardly any are pilots in everyday life. (ANI)

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