Bank Clerk Interview Experience

By : Muthu
Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:56 hrs

Here is an interview with Kaushik who is currently working as Clerk with the Corporation Bank.

Category: General

IBPS Clerk II score: 115

I was asked questions from general topics such as banking terms, heads of financial firms and organisations.

If there is a panel member who is well aware of your home state they expect questions related to your location. I was asked lot about my state like famous spots near my town, local business trends, crops etc., to which I answered quite easily.

An official in the room asked me (in Gujarati) that ''If fishermen are well aware that fishing during monsoon is very dangerous why are they doing that.” I think she knew my home town is near the seashore and wanted to know if I am aware of my surroundings. I answered this easily.

Candidates who don’t belong to that particular state should put in efforts to gain knowledge about the state and its language.

It is also necessary to know little about the local political scene as I was asked to name the MLA of my district and governor of the state. So reading newspapers is necessary to stay alert on political affairs.

Commerce graduates must definitely know about accounting, type of accounts, balance sheet, share capital etc., as they are commonly asked to BCom candidates. 

Do's & Don’ts:
  • Once you enter the interview room, don’t forget to greet the panel. Say good morning or good afternoon according to the time of day
  • Don’t be in the mindset of “I have to answer all the questions”. If you are not aware of the answer do not panic. Simply say “I don’t know sir/ madam”. They will ask another question
  • Remember to say ‘Thanks’ once you have completed the interview. It doesn’t matter whether you were able to answer all questions or not

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