BBC accuses Beijing of deliberate jamming of World Service

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 09:20 hrs

The BBC, in a statement, has said that shortwave frequencies carrying its English language broadcasts were being blocked deliberately, adding that the extensive and co-ordinated efforts are indicative of a "well-resourced country such as China".

Peter Horrocks, the director of BBC Global News, said the jamming of shortwave transmissions is being timed to cause maximum disruption to BBC World Service English broadcasts in China, reports the Telegraph.

Horrocks said that the deliberate and co-ordinated efforts by authorities in countries such as China and Iran illustrate the significance and importance of the role the BBC undertakes to provide impartial and accurate information to audiences around the world.

BBC Persian radio services have been blocked by shortwave jamming in Iran recently. It is not the first time the BBC has accused China of disrupting its services.

The BBC World TV channel was allegedly jammed last year when broadcasting news of Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese dissident who fled to the US embassy in Beijing after escaping from house arrest.

The BBC website has also been blocked intermittently in the country since 1998. (ANI)

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