`Bigfoot` partially human, DNA study claims

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Wed, Nov 28, 2012 05:10 hrs

The legendary Bigfoot is a human relative that arose some 15,000 years ago, a genetic study by a Texas veterinarian has reportedly claimed.

Melba S. Ketchum's results were detailed in a press release issued by a company called DNA Diagnostics, according to Discovery News.

She also suggested that such cryptids had sex with modern human females that resulted in hairy hominin hybrids, but the scientific community is dubious about her claim, the channel reported.

"A team of scientists can verify that their five-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called 'Bigfoot' or 'Sasquatch,' living in North America," Discovery News quoted the release as reading.

"Researchers' extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago," it added.

For her study, Ketchum obtained three "whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples. The genome sequencing shows that Sasquatch mtDNA is identical to modern Homo sapiens, but Sasquatch nuDNA is a novel, unknown hominin related to Homo sapiens and other primate species."

"Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens," the statement reads.

But Ketchum has released no evidence at all about her findings and her research has not appeared in any peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Ketchum also issued a statement requesting that the U.S. government immediately recognize Bigfoot as "an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a 'license' to hunt, trap, or kill them." (ANI)

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