Bitti Mohanty's identity verified in Rajasthan after finger prints match

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 15, 2013 15:44 hrs

Jaipur: The identity of German woman rape case convict Bitti Mohanty was on Friday established after Kerala Police matched his finger prints and examined records.

A five-member team of Kerala Police matched his finger prints in Jaipur jail on Friday, said Jaipur police commissioner B L Soni.

"The team collected evidence and matched his finger prints which verified that the person in their custody is Bitti Mohanty," Soni said.

The team of Kerala Police, which arrived in Alwar yesterday and came here today, will go back to Kunnur tomorrow, the officer said.

The team had examined records in Rajasthan's Alwar jail which also established Bitti's identity.

"Those who were in the investigating team of the rape case in Alwar also identified Mohanti," the commissioner said.

The team came here today and after a brief halt at Transport Nagar Police Station, they went to Jaipur central jail where they were accompanied by three policemen from Jaipur, he said.

"Presently, the Kerala Police is probing its case and will go back to their state tomorrow with Mohanty. When their course of investigation is over, they will hand over him to us," he said.

Bitti was arrested in Kerala on March 8 on a complaint by a bank following an anonymous letter to the bank stating that the probationary officer working as Raghav Rajan was the convicted son of the former Odisha Director General of Police B B Mohanty.

He was arrested on charges of impersonation, forgery and cheating in Kunnur district.

Bitty had been hiding from the law ever since he jumped parole in 2006 from Alwar jail in Rajasthan.

He was convicted by a local court in Alwar for raping his German friend in 2006 and was released in November 2006 on parole from Jaipur to meet his ailing mother at Cuttack, Odisha.

Police say Bitti Mohanty forged educational certificates

The Kerala Police on Friday said the man arrested and identified as rape convict Bitti Mohanty had forged his B.Tech certificate from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) here in order to take the identity of Raghav Ranjan.

Meanwhile, a team of Kerala Police along with the arrested man, who insisted that he is Raghav Rajan and not Bitti Mohanty, arrived in Jaipur from Alwar on Friday.

Another team of Kerala police is visiting Odisha to interrogate Bitti's father and senior IPS officer BB Mohanty, reports said.

However, Bitti Mohanty's father BB Mohanty had earlier said the arrested man from Kerala is not his son.

A Kerala Police team on Friday met police officials in Odisha to gather evidence to prove that the man arrested by them was Bitti Mohanty who jumped a parole in 2006 after his conviction for raping a German woman.

The team also visited a university here to verify if it had issued a B-Tech (Bachelor of Technology) certificate to anyone named as Raghav Rajan as claimed by the accused.

Police discover evidence that confirms suspect is Bitti

After verification, the team found it was untrue. It, however, found that the university had issued a certificate to Bitti Mohanty. Kerala Police believe that Mohanty has forged the certificate, a team member told reporters here.

The team is expected to verify school records and meet family members of Mohanty in Cuttack to collect more evidence.

Bitti Mohanti was arrested from Alwar in 2006 for raping a German woman. He is the son of B.B. Mohanty, a former director general of police in Odisha. Bitti raped the German, a tourist, in Rajasthan's Alwar district March 21, 2006, and was convicted on April 12, 2006.

Mohanty was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for the rape. In November 2006, he secured the parole to meet his ailing mother. Since then, his whereabouts were unknown. He was allegedly living in Kerala concealing his identity.

He was arrested March 8 after the State Bank of Travancore, where he was working as a probationary officer, raised doubts about his identity.

Kerala Police have been gathering evidence after he described himself as Raghava Rajan and backed his claim with passport, electoral identity card, and school and college certificates some of which have Odisha connection.

'Certificate from private university is fake'

The Kerala Police team said his certificate from a private university here was fake.

"The B.Tech degree certificate in the name of Raghav Rajan is forged. The same was issued in the name of Biti," said Josi Joesph, an inspector-rank officer leading the Kerala Police team which is here to verify the B.Tech degree certificate from KIIT University produced by the probationary bank officer who was arrested on March 8.

While Kerala Police claimed that they had arrested Bitihotra, the arrested man said he was not former Odisha DGP B B Mohanti's son and was Raghav Ranjan from Andhra Pradesh.

Bitihotra was convicted for the rape of a German woman and sentenced to seven years imprisonment at Alwar Jail in Rajasthan. He was released on parole in December 2006 but he jumped bail and remained untraced since.

The Kerala Police team would also visit the Stewart School in Cuttack where Bitihotra had studied.

Bitti headed to Jaipur

Bitti is scheduled to be brought from Alwar to Jaipur on Friday, where the Rajasthan police is expected to get his custody.

A team of Kerala police has reportedly boarded a train to Jaipur on Friday morning with the arrested man.

According to reports, investigations suggest that Mohanty was in touch with at least three close relatives during his hiding period.

According to police sources Mohanty had been living in Kerala for the last three-and-a-half years, with the help of a fake passport, a driving licence and even a college degree certificate in the name of Raghav Rajan.

The victim was Mohanty's friend who was a German student visiting India. She was raped in a hotel in Alwar during a trip to Rajasthan.

Mohanty was jailed after the crime very fast but when he was allowed to come out on parole and meet his ailing grandmother, he escaped.

It was alleged that his father helped him escape but the senior cop suspended for the same was reinstated in his job later and he retired from police service in 2012.

Additional Commissioner of Jaipur police Biju George Joseph said that the Kunnur police will carry out its course of investigation.

The team had on Thursday visited Alwar jail and examined its record to verify the identity of Mohanty who was arrested in Kerala last week.

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