BJP opposed Amul even before it was formed, claims Rahul

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 11:47 hrs

​Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused the BJP of going back in time, of 'pre-living' its formation, and trying to stall the Amul project in Gujarat.

Rahul, who is taking on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on the latter’s home turf, said the BJP, formed in 1980, had opposed the Amul cooperative when it was conceived in 1946, some 34 years before the party came into existence.

If this was not enough, the Gandhi family scion vowed to provide ‘written guarantee’ on how the BJP opposed the project and later on took credit for it.

Twitter, on which Rahul and his #KattarSochNahiYuvaJosh were trending, saw a few foot soldiers make fun at the expense of the Congress leader.

Kartikeya Tanna  wrote, "Amul was formed in 1946. Under Sardar Patel's guidance. Shehzaada says BJP opposed it? BJP was formed in 1980! Retrospective opposition? :P"

"By raising Amul (Sardar Patel's idea), Shehzaada has at least started talking about contribution of Congress leaders other than his family." Tanna said in another tweet.

"Rahul Gandhi was 43 when Saradar Patel was Alive but a kid when 1984 Riots happened & now again after 43 Years he is an AMUL Baby. #GrowupRa" posted on Sudeep.

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