BJP should project Modi in LS elections, Ramdev says

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 14:15 hrs

New Delhi: BJP should project Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its leader in the next Lok Sabha elections and change its priorities if it wants to return to power, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said on Sunday.

He said that Congress can not return to power due to its anti-people policies but BJP can do it provided it changed its priorities.

"There is some possibility and space for BJP if it changes priorities and thinks about projecting Narendra Modi in next Lok Sabha elections," Ramdev said at a press conference here.

"Modi emerged as a robust leader who has become icon of development and courage and has zero tolerance for corruption but the final decision for his projection is to be taken by the BJP and Sangh," he said.

He said the country today is facing a leadership crisis and people are looking at individuals instead of political parties to bring about a positive change in politics.

"We believe that this will take place and the upcoming Lok Sabha election will be decisive in this direction," he said.

He alleged that the government could not take the issues of corruption and black money to a logical conclusion and that Congress has has no chance of forming the next government at the centre as it has betrayed the people.

"Congress has lost confidence among masses. So many scams worth crores of rupees have come to light and people will not vote for the party," he said.

He accused the Congress of misusing the CBI against its political rivals. "What SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav said against Congress and CBI is true," he said.

When asked about the possibility of coming together of all like-minded individuals like Anna Hazare, he said building up social and political pressure was necessary to bring a change in system.

"Anna is a good person but he wants to stay away from politics. Building up political pressure along with social pressure is necessary to change the system. Laws are made and amended in Parliament and not by saints or monks and social activist," he said.

Ramdev, who was in the city to hold meetings with his workers, said he was on a mission to play a big role in Lok Sabha election though he himself will not contest election.

"There should be our, at least, 300 members in parliament so that we can play decisive role and I am working in this direction," he said.

Ramdev takes a dig at Congress, calls it 'ineffective'

Ramdev slammed the UPA-II Government during a press conference in Jaipur, Rajasthan, on Sunday.

He described the government as ineffective in dealing with the needs of the people and accused it of betrayal.

Baba Ramdev said that the Congress Party has committed innumerous sins that can never be forgiven.

"People of the country have decided that this is an anti-social and an anti-national entity, which was devoted to the British empire to gain power. This party has committed so many social, economic and political sins, which can never be forgiven. The people don't want to vote for them. There is no party in the country that can collectively fill the void that has been created by Congress and its policies," he added.

Baba Ramdev also said that the Congress Party would not get support from the people.

He also said that though the future of the country is questionable, there can be relief if the politicians concentrate on the needs of the people.

"It becomes very essential so see what the political future of the country is. For an ideal political scenario, and for ideal political growth, there are many challenges that the nation is facing. But, I am confident and faithful that a solution would emerge, but for that, the politicians would have to work towards growth by leaving behind the political gains of their party. In that direction, we are having some talks and I believe that soon there would fruitful results," said Baba Ramdev.

Ramdev's anti-graft campaign is loosely aligned to that of social activist Anna Hazare, who staged a hunger strike in 2011 against corruption that roused public ire against the government, though his popularity has waned.

On August 9 last year, Baba Ramdev and his followers observed a three-day fast at the Ram Lila Grounds over a demand for effective steps to be taken to bring back black money from abroad.

In June 2011, he and thousands of his followers went on a mass hunger strike at the same venue to demand reforms and stringent action against corrupt officials.

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