Botox brides! To wed, 30 plus women visit cosmetic clinics

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 04, 2010 06:31 hrs
Sarah Saad Abdul-Hameed, Abbas al-Sahan

Mumbai: Beauty is skin deep. No wonder, 30- and 40-plus brides in cosmopolitan cities are thronging beauty clinics to look radiant and younger on D-day. From botox to de-tanning to liposuction, they are doing it all this wedding season.

'India as a country has progressed considerably over the years and one of the fundamental changes that has taken place in society is the age at which women are getting married,' Vandana Chatrath, a Delhi-based cosmetologist and dermatologist, said.

'We are seeing more women getting married in their late 20s and early 30s. Marriages of single or divorced women who are in their mid-40s are also on the rise. All women want to look their best on their wedding day irrespective of age, so we have seen a rise in brides-to-be of these age groups coming to us,' she added.

The trend is rising around the country. Bangalore-based Chytra V. Anand, who is a cosmetologist with Kosmoderma Clinics, said the number of such cases has been maximum this year.

'Now the trend is to get married at a later age, especially when women are focussing on career and personal development. So when they decide to get married, they seek our help to make them look their best on their wedding day. I would say compared to the last three years, this year we saw many older brides and grooms,' revealed Anand.

Most women concentrate on skin rejuvenation, but different individuals have different requirements. Some also go for de-tanning, fat loss as well as botox, the most popular way of looking young.

'Usually brides concentrate on their skin and wish for a glow. Most commonly we are requested for de-tanning and glow medi-facials. But with the onus on looks and being fit, many brides-to-be ask for quick-fix measures for body shaping for which we suggest UltraLipo, which gives instant fat loss.

'Also, with age start wrinkles and lines for which we use botox and fillers two-three weeks prior to the wedding to help the face look even, smooth and youthful,' said Anand.

'Botox now has become very popular with the brides not only for lines but also for sweating of underarms and they don't want underarm sweat stains on their expensive blouses and dresses any more,' she added.

As far as cost constraints are concerned, women don't shy away from loosening their purse strings for that ultimate glow and perfect skin.

'Once the patient starts treatment, we assess their results on a regular basis and counsel them on how to maintain that look. We put them on to the right lifestyle and suggest the right skincare regime for long-term results.

'Treatment cost may vary depending on the specific problem and the solution that is appropriate for it. Cost also depends on what their budget is. We offer tailormade programmes keeping the budgets in mind,' said Mumbai-based cosmetologist Swati.

While botox is priced between Rs.6,000 and Rs.25,000 depending on the area, fillers cost between Rs.16,000 and Rs.20,000.

Cost also depends on sittings and product quality.

Kanupriya Dutta, a 32-year-old lawyer in Mumbai, feels if you have the money then why not make your special day perfect.

'Since I'm 32, I can't look like a 24-year-old bride. But if by getting a few treatments, I can look younger and my skin can look fresh, then why not? I'm willing to spend money on this so that I get the desired results,' she said.

Nidhi Arora, a 30-year-old from Delhi who tied the knot this month, feels awareness about medical treatments give women many options to choose from.

'Today you have the option of correcting your problem area. Even if it is under eye skin or frown lines - you can set everything right. I myself took botox treatment for bags under my eyes, which used to look very ugly. It's a quick and easy procedure,' she said.


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