Boy who was a girl falls for girl who was a boy!

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 09:49 hrs

Teenagers Arin Andrews and Katie Hill might look like any other young couple, but they were not always like that.

Just two years ago, Andrews was a girl named Emerald and Hill was a boy called Luke and they have both undergone surgical procedures to change their sex, the Sun reported.

Just over a year ago Hill, 19, a university student, had gender reassignment operation.

Andrews, 17, who got his breasts removed in June, told the publication that he hated his breasts and always felt like they didn't belong.

He asserted that now he finally feels comfortable in his own body.

He said that now when he is out in a public pool or lifting weights, no one raises an eyebrow.

Andrews, who is still in school, insisted that he could wear a tank top, which he couldn't before, and he can go swimming shirtless and just be a regular guy.

Andrews added to the tabloid that he feels lucky to have his family and Hill to rely on.

The couple met almost two years ago at a support group for transgender teenagers and bonded through their shared experiences. (ANI)

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