Brit woman told not to breastfeed in public to avoid 'offending Muslims'

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 14, 2011 11:20 hrs

A woman in Britain was ordered not to breastfeed her baby in public because she would offend Muslims by doing so.

Emma Mitchell, 32, was about to feed her 19-week-old son Aaron when a town hall receptionist at a town hall warned her to stop, because she was in a 'multicultural building'.

Mitchell condemned council staff, saying it was time people recognized the law, which allows nursing mothers to breastfeed in public, the Telegraph reports.

"It was just awful. I felt humiliated, intimidated and guilty through the whole thing," the paper quoted Mitchell, as saying.

The incident occurred when Mitchell, from Oldham, was in the Citizens' Advice Bureau in Oldham Civic Centre.

Mitchell said that the receptionist rang up the manager when she tried to breast feed her baby in the room's corner.

The manager told Mitchell that she can't breastfeed in public and asked her to go into the shopping centre's public toilets instead, the paper said.

Under UK law, mothers can breastfeed in public under the provision of goods, services and facilities section of the Sexual Discrimination Act, whatever the age of the baby, in places such as council buildings, cafes, restaurants, libraries and doctors' surgeries. (ANI)

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