British, French fishermen fight over scallops

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 11, 2012 19:30 hrs

London, Oct 11 (IANS) British fishermen called for naval protection after rocks and flares were hurled at them in international waters by their French counterparts, the Daily Mail reported.

A fleet of about 40 French boats had surrounded around 12 bigger British boats off the coast of Le Havre, Normandy, in a bid to stop them fishing for scallops.

The French waged the blockade for several hours Monday even though the British boats were fishing legally and well outside France's 12-mile limit, the Mail said Thursday.

British fishermen claim the French pelted them with rocks, hurled insults and fired flares at them, risking collisions by getting as close as one yard from them.

The area is on the French side of the midway point of the Channel and is therefore left to the French authorities to police.

Fishermen from Normandy are angry that the British are allowed to fish the waters all year round while they are limited to just a few months, the daily said.

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