British girls outdrink boys but not their mums

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 31, 2012 14:50 hrs

London, Dec 31 (IANS) A British study has found that girl students drink more than the boys but not nearly as much as their middle-class mothers.

According to a study, over half of the women studying at university binge drink compared to 41 percent of the male students, Daily Express reported. But another research found older women are drinking more than teenagers for the first time.

The student survey looked at all aspects of the young people's lives, including alcohol and drug consumption, food and sport.

Jose Cancela Carrall, co-author of the study, said: "The amount drunk per unit of time is higher in women. In other words, even though males drink more often, females do drink more intensively in shorter periods of time, which is known as binge drinking."

British experts, meanwhile, have warned that older women are becoming the biggest burden on the National Health Service because of alcohol related conditions, including stroke, liver disease and cancer.

A UK-wide survey found that women aged between 45 and 64 drink, on an average, 8.8 units of alcohol a week - the equivalent of a bottle of wine.

Middle-class professionals are even more likely to unwind with alcohol at the end of the working day, drinking 9.1 units a week on average. These figures were highlighted by Labour's health spokeswoman Diane Abbott.

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