Brits drink nearly 11 mn gallons of tea a day

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 13:10 hrs
Brits drink nearly 11 mn gallons of tea a day

London, Apr 24 (IBNS) Many Britons are self-confessed tea addicts with over 14 million claiming they can't function first thing without their brew.

Research released to coincide with WRVS Great Brew Break, the national tea party to raise money to alleviate loneliness among older people, starting on 29 April, shows that almost a quarter of Britons drink five or more cups a day.

At an average 3.5 cups a day, this means almost 11 million gallons are consumed in total. Britons drink on average nearly 166 million cups of tea a day.

And the gallons drunk are typically strong - the most popular shade of tea selected by more than a third is a mid-dark brown with only 3% selecting the milkiest looking shade.

Brits are creatures of habit when it comes to tea, with 38% always using the same cup or mug. Over half say the way that they take their tea hasn´t changed in years. So picky are 7% that they won't let anyone else make them a cuppa.

The famed comforting power of tea is backed up by today's research; with over 43% claiming that a cup of tea always makes them feel better. Almost a third said that if a friend receives bad news they would offer them a cuppa.

The WRVS Great Brew Break (29 April-5 May) supported by Yakult and PG tips, will see tea events held throughout the country to raise funds to help the charity deliver services to alleviate loneliness among older people. Nearly three-quarters of over 75s that live alone feel lonely.

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