Cardamom e-auction in Kerala

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 10:50 hrs

Cardamom e-auction, which had to face many roadblocks to introduce from the old outcry method, has now providing solace to planters and traders as well by bringing much transparency and better pricing without involving any middlemen.

The day to day business and value for produce is the ultimate advantage from this e-auction system and planters are vary happy now, was the answer of a cardamom trader and planter walking around the high tech auction center at Puttady near Vandanmettu in the Idukkki district of Kerala.

Farmers and traders find the e-auction a welcome change in their traditional methods of transaction.he traders participating in the e-auction get a chance to physically verify its weight, aroma and size for further auction.

"This e-auction is fetching us good price as it raises competition, so we get the better price when we compare with the labour and other expenses the recent price hike is good and really this is a great system for us," said K Sukuthan, a trader

Spices Board had introduced e-Auction of Cardamom in Bodinayakanur, Tamilnadu and Kerala in 2007.

The center has sixty such terminals for the auctioneers to punch in their data after verifying.

In the new system, licensed dealers are provided with a user id and password. The dealers have to log into the system to participate in an Auction.

A bid is made with key depressions using a normal computer keyboard. Identity of bidders is protected during the auction process. Highest bidder's name is displayed only on the Auction Masters' terminal.

There is a main display board showing lot no, quantity, number of bags current highest bid etc of each lot kept in the Auction.

The e-Auction system has brought transparency in the auction process.

"The system is running successfully and is well excepted by all the data show it all, said Anil Kumar, the officer in-charge of this center.

The quantity of cardamom sold through the e-auctions during the 2007-08 crop year (August to April) was 5,774 tonnes and the average price was Rs.503 a kg. The quantity went up to 9957 tonnes in 2008-09, with an average price of Rs.538 a kg.

The quantity was 9,960 tonnes in 2009-10, with a price of Rs. 868 a kg. During the current year, between August and December, the quantity of cardamom on e-auction was 5,955 tonnes, with an average price of Rs.1, 090 a kg. By Juhan Samuel (ANI)

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