Chennai hospital completes 1,000 CyberKnife surgeries

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 13, 2013 20:41 hrs

The Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital in Chennai has noted that in India, surviving cancer has become less tedious and more promising with the increasing instances of patients resorting to CyberKnife radio surgeries.

The surgery is helping in treating previously inoperable tumours.

In the last three years alone, several patients from Kolkata have undergone CyberKnife surgeries at the Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital in Chennai, in their fight against cancer and got treated for conditions, previously considered non-treatable, hospital authorities claimed.

The facility in Chennai has successfully completed over 1,000 CyberKnife radio surgeries, so far, with patients from the Middle East, SAARC, Africa, Australia, USA, UK and South West Asia, who have been visiting the Centre seeking help with cancer.

Patients from Kolkata who have been benefited from CyberKnife technology include a 56 year old doctor diagnosed with bilateral orbital lymphoma- rare disease involving both the eyeball regions, who had his vision restored after two years of follow up; and a 70 year old man who was suffering from liver cancer, but is now leading a normal life, officials said.

"Even among those identified with conditions that are yet to find a cure, and expected survival is less than six months, Cyberknife radiation with minimal side-effects has helped patients live longer- like the 60 year old man with Infra-temporal fossa recurrence who has outlived his disease for two years now," officials claimed.

"Cancer is age agnostic. But until recently, the treatment for it had to be tailored to suit the age and co-morbid situations, if any, of patients. Now with superior technology like Cyberknife at our disposal, given its ability to administer focused radiation with minimal side-effects, patients across age groups can be benefited with this technology," said Dr. Deb Narayan Dutta, Consultant, Radiation Oncologist at Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Chennai.

"Even non-cancerous conditions like AVMs & terminal -stage associated Cancer metastasis, can be treated or controlled better with Cyberknife," he said.

The Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital is the first in the country to introduce life-saving technologies like the 64-Slice PET-CT Scan with Time of Flight, South Asia's most advanced Digital Mammogram with 3D Tomosynthesis etc.

Commenting on this achievement, Prathap C Reddy, Founder & Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, "Cutting edge technologies such as CyberKnife has brought us closer to our goal of bringing world-class cancer care to India and making cancer cure faster, safer and surer."

"It's heartening to know that we are playing a pivotal role in enabling superior global health delivery and moving towards making India the preferred destination for cost effective world class healthcare," he said.

CyberKnife is the world's first and only state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment for robotic radiosurgery, which allows the radiation oncologists to treat pathologies painlessly, without requiring any surgery, the hospital said.

CyberKnife uses pencil beams of radiation, which can be directed to any part of the body from any direction with the help of a robotic arm. The system tracks the tumour, detects any movement of the tumour or patient, and automatically corrects its positioning.

It then targets the tumour with multiple beams of high-energy radiation and destroys abnormal tissue without causing any damage to the surrounding areas. The treatment is so accurate that it is now possible to treat intracranial and extracranial tumors previously thought to be inoperable.

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