China jails two for inciting secession

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 08, 2013 15:50 hrs

Beijing, Feb 8 (IANS) A court in a Tibetan region in northwest China Friday sentenced two people on charges of inciting secession and propagating ideas related to "Tibetan independence".

A 27-year-old man, Phagpa, was sentenced to 13 years in jail for inciting a monk to immolate himself.

The court in Huangnan Tibetan region in Qinghai province convicted him of intentional homicide and inciting secession, Xinhua reported.

The court Friday also sentenced a 60-year-old Tibetan man, Gyadehor, to four years in prison for inciting secession and spreading opinions related to "Tibet independence".

Both convicts were deprived of their political rights for two years.

The court said the convict met Drolma Je, a monk of the Dowa monastery, in June-July 2012, and convinced him to immolate himself to achieve "freedom and independence for the Tibetan ethnic group".

It said Phagpa told Drolma that "self-immolators sacrificed their lives for Tibetan freedom and independence and are ethnic heroes".

In November 2012, Drolma checked into a hotel, and brought gas and other materials to immolate himself.

However, a woman cousin learned of his attempt and dissuaded him from going ahead.

The court also found that Phagpa propagated ideas related to "Tibetan independence" during visits to the homes of other people in November 2012.

Phagpa also led a demonstration in Dowa, chanting "Tibetan independence" slogans.

After he was arrested, photos and video clips with inflammatory content were found on his computer, the court said.

The court Friday said Tibetan herdsman Gyadehor spread opinions related to "Tibet independence" when he brought cash and other goods to console families of people who immolated themselves in November 2012.

His acts constituted the crime of inciting a split of the state, the court said.

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