China to strengthen ties with neighbours: Daily

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 03, 2012 05:36 hrs

Beijing: China will make efforts to strengthen relations with its neighbours and other developing countries, said a state-run Chinese daily Monday.

An article "China proposes new diplomatic views" in the People's Daily said diplomatic ideas proposed during the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress are the country's successful experiences over the past 30 years.

They are the "guideline of foreign affairs in the new period and a full embodiment of the integration of China's diplomatic experiences and innovation" whose highlight is "keeping pace with the times and blazing new trails, showing brand-new diplomatic views".

The daily said it is a demonstration of China's feelings of globalization.

"Secondly, it is committed to the establishment of new relations between big countries to ensure the world's peace and prosperity. Big countries should shoulder a special responsibility in maintaining the world's peace, stability, prosperity and economic growth," it said.

The daily stressed that both China and the US should "hold an attitude responsible for history, discuss about the establishment of new relations between great powers, break the vicious circle of zero-sum competition between countries and provide new public products to the world".

The article stated that China will further enhance its status and role in the world.

"The country has more than 3 million sq km of territorial waters and 18,000 km of coast line. In order to build `harmonious oceans' and protect its maritime sovereignty as well as development and security interests, it has naturally developed the plan of building itself into a maritime power and enhancing development, utilization, protection, and control of oceans," it said.

"While seeking to build new type of relations among great powers, China will make efforts to strengthen relations with its neighbours and other developing countries, actively participate in multilateral affairs and global governance, and push the international order toward greater fairness and reasonableness," the article added.

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