Chinese protestors publicly beat up corrupt official's associate

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 23, 2013 09:50 hrs

Around 15 protestors, who were gathered at a crowded bus station in Zhengzhou, China publicly beat up an associate of the station's manager, who is accused of skimming seven million dollars in profit from a state-owned bus operation,

The station manager, named Fan Jianhui, who also happens to be the local Communist Party boss, the CBS News reports.

One of the protestors said the manager had illegally taken over the station, adding it is the main profit center for the village and he has taken all of the money and won't give up a penny.

Just minutes after the interview, the manager's hired thug, his enforcer showed up, ready to fight and this has happened before, and the enforcer usually wins, but not this time, the paper said.

The protesters fight back in a fury, kicking the enforcer after he goes down, the paper further reported.

The fight in Zhengzhou shows how corruption is damaging the Communist Party throughout China. The same party that produced China's economic miracle is also producing officials at every level who take office and enrich themselves, the paper added.

Almost every week there are new protests against party corruption. Last month, 2,000 demonstrators on their knees claimed that local officials in Heibi Province, west of Beijing, had sold off public land and kept the money.

The protesters in Zhengzhou want the bus profits returned, and that the money should have been spent on housing and the elderly. Instead, they said, most of the funds went to the party boss, with some of it used to bribe local prosecutors, the paper concluded. (ANI)

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