CIA 'feeding information' to Syrian rebels to help them fight against govt: report

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 23, 2013 10:20 hrs

According to a media report, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been helping select rebel fighters in Syria by feeding them information to try to make them more effective against government troops.

Citing unnamed current and former US officials, the Wall Street Journal said that the new CIA effort reflected a change in the approach of the US administration that aims to strengthen secular rebel fighters, the Herald Sun reports.

According to the report, the CIA had sent officers to Turkey to help scrutinise rebels who receive arms shipments from Gulf allies, although it added that administration officials were concerned about some weapons going to Islamists.

The report further said that according to Syrian opposition commanders, the CIA had been working with British, French and Jordanian intelligence services to train rebels in the use of various kinds of weapons, adding that the West favours fighters aligned with the Free Syrian Army, which supports the Syrian Opposition Coalition political group.

The report also said that In Iraq, the CIA has been directed by the White House to work with elite counterterrorism units to help the Iraqis counter the flow of al-Qaeda linked fighters across the border with Syria.

However, the report mentioned that the new aid to the rebels does not change the US decision against taking direct military action. (ANI)

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