Dating site offers Georgia town $3.75mn to change its name to

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 21, 2013 09:30 hrs

Online dating site, which helps match older monied men with younger single women, is attempting to persuade a small Georgia town to adopt its name as part of a big publicity effort.

The site has so far offered Sugar Hill, Ga., a Atlanta-outskirts town of about 20,000, 3.75 million dollars to change its name to for 10 years, according to the New York Daily News.

"(The) initial reason is we like the name Sugar Hill, of course. It matches with our name Sugar Daddie and we thought we could have a bit of fun with that," spokesman Darrell Shuster told WSMV-TV. is a self-described "high quality dating site for successful men who have financial security and confidence and attractive single women."

But Sugar Hill City Councilman Steve Edwards said the name goes against everything they've been trying to build in the area, which he says is a family city.

"It seems to me they are looking to spend money to enhance their image and increase their profile throughout the state of Georgia, so I think this money could go a long way in that regard," Shuster added.

What makes the proposal even more undesirable, according to other residents, is that the site's proposal includes the addition of a statue of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner in town.

"The idea of a statue of Hugh Hefner in this area, a deeply conservative, family-rooted, religious community, just would not work, said Councilman Mike Sullivan.

Sugar Hill Mayor has reportedly made a counteroffer to the company, under which the city would decline to change its name but would deem its official city candy bar the Sugar Daddy for 2 million dollars.

The site has reportedly already identified Sugar City, Colo., as its next target in case its efforts in Georgia fail. (ANI)

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