Daughter of Indian billionaire 'hiring staff' to help her get through university

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 11, 2018 13:14 hrs
St Andrews

Scotland: An unnamed Indian billionaire’s daughter has been dubbed the “poshest” student in the UK after it was claimed that her family is hiring 12 staff members to help her during her studies at a Scottish university.

As ‘Britain’s poshest student’, the unknown fresher will have a maid and butler on hand to help her, along with footmen, a private chef and chauffeur.

Her family have even bought her a luxurious mansion to stay in so she won't have to stay in halls during the four years she spends studying in Scotland, the Sun reports.

They will be employed at the family’s new luxurious mansion, bought so that the daughter won’t have to stay in general student accommodation during the four years she spends studying at the leading Scottish university.

An advert was placed earlier this summer looking for “an outgoing, cheerful” maid with an energetic personality to work within the household.

According to the advert, the maid would be in charge of “waking principal up, liaising with other staff regarding routine and schedule [and] assisting with grooming”.

They will also be responsible for wardrobe management and personal shopping, the advert which was posted on agency Silver Swan said.

The butler will be in charge of the student’s staff, who have been asked to open doors for the fresher whenever possible, and footmen will serve meals, lay the table and clean.

“The family are very formal so want experienced staff,” the advert said while describing the roles, which are said to pay around £30,000 a year.