DD Bharati presents Hindi Play 'Pahunch Wala Aadmi'

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 25, 2015 02:00 hrs

DD Bharati has launched a Hindi play, 'Pahunch Wala Aadmi'. It is an adaptation of a Russian Play 'A Man with Connections', written by Alexander Gelman, directed by Bharti Sharma and staged by Kshitij Theatre Group.

'Pahunch Wala Aadmi' is a poignant portrayal of the present times in which we dwell and go out of our ways to adapt ourselves to the inhuman ways, a society functions, especially in the corporate sphere.

Ajeet, the protagonist, is a victim of such situations. He is a person caught-up in the rat-race, all entangled up in the nets and traps of the corporate world. Manipulation, calculation and the lies overtake the simplicity and honesty of his character. He functions like a machine with absolutely no sense of right or wrong.

It is finally Neena, Ajeet's wife, who makes him realise his worthlessness and the heavy price that he had to pay to obtain this status. But, it was too late, he was left with nothing at all.

Bharti Sharma did a splendid job and proved her talent both as director and actress, by being able to bring out the inner turmoil, the sub text of the play in an effective manner.

'Pahunch Wala Aadmi' is going to be telecasted on Saturday at 10 pm, repeated next day at 06 am and 02 pm. (ANI)

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