Devotees prepare 505 types of food offerings for Hindu deity 'Lord Krishna'

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 08, 2011 09:30 hrs

Hundreds of devotees gathered at the Goura Vihar Ashram in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday to offer more than 505 types of vegetarian food items to Hindu deity Lord Krishna as they celebrated 'Byanjan Dwadasi'.

The menu included an elaborate preparation of food items, including 15 dishes made from rice, 15 lentil dishes, 100 curries, fries and various types of sweets.riests at the temple said that the food is prepared by dedicated devotees to honour Lord Krishna.

"We perform this ritual of offering 505 types of food offerings to Lord Krishna, annually. As per religious history, Shri Krishna's mother, Yasoda used to prepare elaborate food for her son and that is what we are doing here today. We have prepared 505 types of vegetarian food by the support of our devotees who have been working round the clock to complete the task. We offered the prepared food to Lord Krishna and worshipped him," said Charan Das, a devotee.

After offering food to Lord Krishna, devotees and priests participated in a feast where food was offered in locally made leaf plates, called 'Siali'.

The food is not only vegetarian but is also prepared without using garlic, onion.

As per tradition, the cooks preparing the food observe a day-long fast before they enter the kitchen.

Devotees at the religious event also expressed happiness over preparing the food and sought blessings from Lord Krishna.

"We are very happy to prepare this elaborate food for our Lord Krishna. We seek his blessings and are thankful to him to give us this opportunity of serving him," said Juna Devi, a devotee.

The annual event is celebrated in the holy month of 'Margasira' according to the Oriya calendar.

The leaf plates 'Siali' is prepared by artisans of Ganjam district of Orissa exclusively for the feast that follows after the devotees worship Lord Krishna. (ANI)

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