Did befriending a woman and flouting SOPs kill armyman Aurangzeb?

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 05, 2018 20:31 hrs
Army jawan Aurangzeb

A fresh report details the reasons behind the death of Aurangzeb, Indian Army's rifleman posted with 44 Rashtriya Rifles.

Posted as a rifleman in South Kashmir's Shadimurg, the armyman was abducted by a group of terrorists on his way back home and later found dead.

An ANI news report dated June ​14 suggests that the armyman's body was found at Gusoo Pulwama riddled with bullets​. There were as many as fifteen bullet wounds.

Hailing from village Salani in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir, 24-year-old Aurangzeb joined the Army in 2012. He is survived by his wife, parents and three brothers.

Aurangzeb, who was in blue jeans and a t-shirt was being asked by suspected Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists about his duties, posting and encounters that he participated, in a 1.15​-minute video probably shot in a forest area, according to officials from the army.

Other reports suggest the armyman board​ed a private taxi at Shopian that was soon intercepted by a group of terrorists.

A ​new report​ claims to ​have identif​ied some of the reasons behind the brutal killing of the armyman​ -- befriending a local woman and violating Standard Operating procedures.

A report published in the Hindustan Times , suggests that the armyman​, who was on leave, was to reach his home in Poonch. But before leaving the valley, he came in touch with a woman. The report quotes an unnamed official confirming that Aurangzeb and the local woman were in touch.

The HT report further details that terrorists came in touch with this lady, and forced her to reveal details. These details may have allowed terrorists to identify Aurangzeb's route to Poonch.

Another official was quoted in the report ​as explaining that contact between men in uniform and local women was frowned upon. "It is not easy for our men to serve in the midst of a hostile population, but contact with women is completely inadvisable," said the official.

Moreover, the armyman was traveling in a private taxi, which was against the army's standard operating procedures. Apparently, Jawans from the army are supposed to travel in bullet-proof vehicles.

It ha​d​ earlier been speculated that Aurangzeb was killed owing to his work. The 44 Rashtriya Rifles has been the army's unit at the forefront of neutralizing several terrorist exercises in the valley. According to Manvendra Singh, a Defence security expert, Aurangzeb was a buddy ​for Major Shukla, a highly active officer in the area.

Singh, in a guest story published in The Print​, explains that buddy is a "veritable shadow", who handles most information including finance. A buddy is a trained officer​, who stays during operations, and Aurangzeb was expected to ensure the safety of Major Shukla, a company commander, at all times.

Singh, who had served as a member of the Parliament Standing Committee on Defence​, says ​that the manner in which the militants got to know the identity of an officer's buddy defies imagination. He suggest​ed that it is for the 44 Rashtriya Rifles camp to analyze and answer that question.

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