Draft Danish climate plan causes uproar at Copenhagen talks

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 08, 2009 20:39 hrs

Copenhagen: Environmentalists and developing nations voiced concern  on Tuesday over a Danish draft proposal which calls on developing nations to step up their efforts in the fight against climate change.

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The text, circulated among a restricted group of delegations attending UN climate change talks in Copenhagen and leaked to the Guardian newspaper, states that all parties should 'support the goal of a reduction of global annual emissions in 2050 by at least 50 percent versus 1990 annual emissions'.

More controversially, the text envisages a deadline for peak emissions from developing nations.

Financial support for adaptation to the effects of climate change should prioritise 'the poorest and most vulnerable countries', rather than all developing nations.

According to the Guardian, the text weakens the role of the UN in handling climate finance and effectively allows rich nations to continue emitting much more than poorer nations.

'The Danish proposal falls far short of emissions cuts needed, and remains vague on the climate cash,' Antonio Hill, Oxfam International climate advisor said.

Kim Carstensen of the environment group WWF said the draft was 'weak and reflects a too elitist, selective and non-transparent approach'.

China's chief negotiator, Su Wei, said he had not seen the draft but insisted that rich nations should shoulder much of the responsibility for global warming.

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