Duncan Lawrie to support Indian investments

Last Updated: Fri, May 03, 2013 18:20 hrs

Duncan Lawrie Private Banking is recently providing 'gateway' support to wealthy resident Indians interested in investment diversification outside India, including a bespoke range of services covering international banking, as well as cross border, multi-currency and tax effective solutions.

According to Duncan Lawrie Private Banking, less demanding valuations than in India and a relatively strong dollar are compelling reasons for wealthy Indians to seriously consider allocating resources to these markets.

Duncan Lawrie is convinced that exposure to valuable Western brands in the US and UK markets can significantly reduce the volatility of returns and impart stability to your investment portfolio.

Explaining their investment philosophy, Managing Director Matthew Parden said, "We believe in creating a well-diversified, individually tailored investment portfolio aimed at prosperity in the long term for our clients. At this point, the US dollar offers an attractive alternative for Indian investors given the improving economic situation and more healthy housing market."

Parden added, "More and more, we are seeing that wealth protection, with consistent returns over a medium time horizon, is the top priority of investors who have suffered the downside risks of inflation and currency volatility in the domestic Indian market. Duncan Lawrie Private Banking's business philosophy and ethos aims to protect the client's wealth as effectively as possible outside India."

Investors wanting to take advantage of international diversification for a proportion of their overall wealth should take advantage of RBI's Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) which allows an Indian resident to legally invest abroad a maximum of USD 200,000 (or its equivalent in any freely convertible currency) annually, Duncan Lawrie noted.

This might also prove useful for investors interested in overseas property or investing in foreign markets to provide for their children studying abroad.

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