'Earnest' Facebook founder Zuckerberg is no 'evil genius'

Last Updated: Sun, May 20, 2012 07:30 hrs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is an earnest and unassuming young developer who never makes others feel small or flaunts his success, people who have been working with him have said.

"He's not off on himself about how this whole thing has happened," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted one of these people, as saying.

"He's just earnest about developers and the product; he's definitely not some kind of evil genius. It's easy to make a caricature of him, but he's not a caricature - he's a good guy, and it could have been so easy for him to be a dick," the person added.

According to the paper, much has been made of Zuckerberg's apparently awkward social manner.

Technology news sites are overflowing with videos of early interviews showing a young man struggling to explain his quasi-religious belief in engineering and openness.

But those who worked with Zuckerberg say he has gone 'way out of his comfort zone' to improve on his press relations.

"Mark is clearly gifted, but he doesn't make others feel small or flaunt his success. There is no 'I'm the boy genius wonder, where's my Gatorade?"' the paper quoted a person, as saying.

According to the paper, even Zuckerberg's own Facebook profile is unpretentious.

His history timeline mentions the mammoth social network only once, when he founded it in 2004, and otherwise charts his own personal milestones. (ANI)

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