Ebara exhibits water solution technology in Singapore

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 18, 2018 05:04 hrs

Singapore is known as one of the most vibrant cities for business in the world. And in many corners of the city, contributions for water supply infrastructure from Japan can be seen.

Ebara Engineering Singapore is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebara Corporation Japan and operates under the Fluid Machinery Division and Precision Machinery Division of Ebara Corporation.

This division supplies centrifugal pumps, which highly contributes to many activities in Singapore.

Stephanie Slow of Ebara Engineering Singapore said, "Ebara Engineering Singapore is able to supply Standard Pumps ranging from submersibles to many surface pumps. Ebara surface pumps can support in many areas namely the building services, HVAC infrastructure, municipal sectors and to other general industries. Ebara has a good reputation for supplying quality and reliable products among consultants and customers."

In this housing estate, Ebara Pressure System is installed to boost pressure in the water supply distribution network to a cluster of homes located on high grounds.

Ebara Corporation was also involved in Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), which is a global platform where water industry leaders meet to discuss strategy.

Ebara products are presented as one of the latest technology in the water industry and received high appreciation.

Lim Kim Cheng from Ebara Engineering Singapore said, "Inside the Merlion, there are two units of custom built Ebara Vertical Turbine Pumps. Each pump is able to deliver water at 234 m3 per hour and, at a pressure of about 3 bars. Ebara Engineering Singapore is proud to be involved in Singapore's icon namely the Merlion. Besides this project, Ebara Engineering Singapore hopes to contribute to more societies in Singapore."

Stable daily life and enjoyment of sightseeing in Singapore is supported by Japanese leading-edge technology and reliable products. (ANI)

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