Egypt's top court suspends work amid protests

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 03, 2012 05:10 hrs

-ANI): Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court suspended its work indefinitely on Sunday, following protests against the court.

The court issued a statement, announcing that it will suspend all its session of all cases indefinitely, describing the day of a "dark" day in the judiciary history.

"It was a dark day in the judiciary history, as the judges were forbidden to enter the court because of the protesters who blocked all the court's entrances while chanting anti-yells and stirring the people against them," the statement said.

"The court judges have no choice but suspending all the court's sessions on all cases indefinitely ,as they can't perform their work amid such atmosphere which is full of hatred and malice," the statement added.

The court scheduled Sunday to rule on the legality of the last Constituent Assembly (CA) that finished writing the first post- Mubarak constitution Friday, as well as the Shura Council (upper house). But judges were blocked by some 5,000 protesters outside the court accusing them of seeking to destroy the state's elected institutions.

The protesters who were sieging the court are mainly from the Islamist forces who headed to the court Saturday night after finishing the demonstrations supporting President Mohamed Morsi, the CA, and a new constitutional declaration issued by Morsi last week. (Xinhua-ANI)

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