Elderly people pledge body donation to medical students in Coimbatore

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 29, 2013 10:30 hrs

Elderly people residing in an old age home in Coimbatore have pledged to donate their bodies after death to young aspiring doctors for studying human anatomy and for conducting scientific research.

Lakshmi, an elderly member of an old age home who has pledged to donate her body, said she has no regrets and her family supported her decision.

"There is no regret to donate the body, we are very happy for that. Some consideration is there because this is going to be useful for the medical students. We have also told our son and he says its ok there is no problem," said Lakshmi.

Radha, another elderly member of the old age home, said she was aware that often there is a shortage of bodies for young aspiring doctors to undertake research.

"We know what is the fact, that is the main thing that made us donate our bodies and the second point is the long rituals we don't like, ok let us be useful to somebody, at least to the student fraternity we will be useful with our bodies," said Radha, whose daughter is a doctor practicing in Chennai.

Many elderly persons who are living away from their offspring and relatives and some who have been abandoned by the families are very happy about the decision.

They have entrusted the task of handing over their bodies to a government hospital assisted by a Non- Government organization (NGO) that is also working to create awareness among others to donate their body post death.

The initiative by elderly people in India clearly shows a marked departure from rigid orthodox Hindu body funereal ceremony, which involves many expensive rituals often leaving the poor in urgent needs of funds. (ANI)

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