Emraan Hashmi felicitates underprivileged children at Mumbai art exhibition

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 10:41 hrs

Actor Emraan Hashmi felicitated underprivileged children at an exhibition showcasing their sketches and paintings made by them in Mumbai recently.

"I think the cause of assisting the underprivileged children is very noble. I always feel connected to children and when you have you own son, your own child, you feel more close to other children as well. I think this is a great cause because all of us in our childhood days, we have always wanted to be part of some kind of art form be it craft or anything else. If parents do not push the talent further, it somewhere stifles it. More such initiatives should be taken," said Hashmi.

Hashmi said that his strong connect with children inspite of his controversial image is because of the music in his films.

"I think probably it is a connect (between me and children) from music. Television plays a pivotal role, that medium always has a great widespread impact. My songs play on television, radio and I think the strong connect between me and children, is through that," said Hashmi.

Hashmi was hardly considered leading man material, and the film industry was happy to label him as part of the "Bhatt camp"-where he worked in films made by his uncles Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt.

Hashmi was dubbed the "serial-kisser", thanks to films like "Gangster" and "Murder", which had the tried and tested Bhatt formula of adult content and action. But while the rest of Bollywood was content to put him in a corner, there was one group that wasn't ignoring the young actor.

Trade analyst Singh says Hashmi has always been popular among single-screen audiences, the majority of India's moviegoers.

The actor says his strength is that audiences relate to him. (ANI)

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