Esquire editor brands women 'ornamental objects'

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 10:50 hrs

The editor of leading men's magazine Esquire has claimed that the women who are featured in his magazine are 'ornamental objects' and should be admired in the same way that people look at 'cool cars'.

Sparking outrage with his comments specially on Twitter, editor Alex Bilmes said that Esquire is a men's magazine and has a male gaze, adding that that fact that women are featured in his magazine to be objectified is controversial but true, the Telegraph reports.

Bilmes further said that it will be a lie on his part if he said that men are interested in the intellectual capabilities of the women featured in Esquire, adding that they are featured in the magazines only to serve the role of beautiful ornaments.

Defending himself against the criticism, Bilmes said that the magazine has also featured 'old' women like actresses Rachel Weisz and Cameron Diaz on their cover, adding that Esquire is better than other high fashion magazines because it is less rigid on the ideals of women bodies.

Stating that men are capable of viewing women as 'three dimensional human beings' including mothers and sisters, Bilmes said that sometimes they just want to view women as sexy.

Claiming that he is fulfilling the needs of his audience with pictures of attractive women, the former Vogue sub editor added that women are ornamental in the same way as pictures of cool cars. (ANI)

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