'Evil patch' inside brains of killers and rapists discovered

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 06, 2013 08:02 hrs

London: A German neurologist claims to have found the area of the brain where evil lurks in killers, rapists and robbers, saying that the "evil patch" lies in the central lobe and shows up as a dark mass on X-rays.

Bremen scientist Dr Gerhard Roth discovered it when investigating violent convicted offenders over the years for German government studies, the Daily Mail reported.

"We showed these people short films and measured their brain waves. Whenever there were brutal and squalid scenes the subjects showed no emotions. In the areas of the brain where we create compassion and sorrow, nothing happened," he said.

The dark mass at the front of the brain, he said, appears in all scans of people with records for criminal violence.

He said his researches have led him to believe that some criminals have a "genetic predisposition" to violence.

"When you look at the brain scans of hardened criminals, there are almost always severe shortcomings in the lower forehead part of the brain," he added.

He said that there are cases where someone becomes criminal as a result of a tumour or an injury in that area, and after an operation to remove the tumour, that person was completely normal again.

This is definitely the region of the brain where evil is formed and where it lurks, he said. (ANI)

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