Exit polls: Narendra Modi to sweep Gujarat, Congress ahead in Himachal

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 17, 2012 20:10 hrs

Gujarat: Exit and opinion polls on television channels at the end of voting in Gujarat on Monday projected BJP to perform a hat-trick in the state while Congress is predicted to have an edge in BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh.

Exit poll carried out by C-Voter for Times Now predicted 119 to 129 seats for BJP while Congress is projected to win between 49 and 59 seats out of the total 182 seats.

News 24 showed that BJP is likely to get 140 against 117 seats it had won in 2007 assembly polls as the party is expected to get 46 per cent of the total vote share. The poll carried out by Gujarati regional newspaper Chanakya for the channel projected Congress to get 40 seats, 19 short of 59 it won in 2007 polls.

Headlines Today projected BJP to get between 118 and 128 seats while Congress is likely to win in 50 to 56 seats with 37 per cent vote share.

The ABP News predicted BJP to win in 116 seats and Congress in 60 constituencies.

C-Voter predicted a vote share of 46 per cent for BJP against 37 per cent for Congress while Chanakya said BJP is likely to get 50 per cent vote share against 35 per cent of Congress.

The Aaj Tak-ORG exit poll says that the BJP is likely to get 118-128 seats while the Congress will fall from its 2007 tally of 59 to something between 50-56.

Key Saurashtra region

And in a result that runs contrary to all pundit expectations, the AC-Nielsen exit poll predicted a massive victory for the BJP in the key Saurashtra-Kutch region, and a rout for strongman Keshubhai Patel's GPP.

According to the poll, the BJP will win 42 seats, the Congress will win 11, and the GPP will win only one seat.

The Saurashtra region was supposed to be a key battleground in the Gujarat election, especially given the fact that everyone believed that the BJP would not be able to repeat its previous poll performance when it won 43 seats. Keshubhai Patel was also seen as being a big factor.

Exit polls indicate Modi may be on his way to Delhi

The results of multiple exit polls indicate that Modi is certain to regain power in Gujarat, and could well be eyeing Delhi.

The AC Nielsen poll gives Modi the least amount of seats, among exit polls, and predicts 116 seats for the BJP.

When averaged out, the numbers are impressive and are significant, especially given that Modi’s future course in politics depends on how well he does when the results are out on 20 December.

If the exit polls are anything to go by, Modi has nothing to worry about and could well extend his ambitions to the national level.

Congress to edge out BJP in Himachal

In Himachal Pradesh, C-Voter predicted 30 to 38 seats for Congress while BJP is likely to get 27 to 35 seats in the 68-member assembly.

Chanakya predicted Congress to win in 40 seats while they said BJP is likely to win in 23 seats. Others may win in five seats.

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