FAA to relax ban on use of electronics during flight take offs and landings

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 06:00 hrs

The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly going easy on in-flight ban on use of personal electronic devices, as its advisory panel will be recommending few relaxations on the restrictions this week.

Since the FAA does not totally ban the devices but requires airlines to test the devices for any risk, which is a lengthy process, the airlines enacted a blanket ban during take offs and landings.

However, under the new recommendations, passengers will be use their devices in 'airplane mode' during the entire flight and the current ban on tasks requiring a data connection will still be applicable, Washington Times reports.

Head of the National Association of Airline Passengers and a member of the FAA advisory committee, Douglas Kidd said that they need to make sure the planes can handle the changes adding that there a lot of pressure on the FAA because passengers are very attached to their devices.

According to the report, the agency wants to present a uniform 'gate to gate policy that would apply to all airlines and all types of airplanes, to come into effect from the next year. (ANI)

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